15 min session    30 min sessions  Without Instructions

  • Wakeboarding  Fl 60,- (US$ 34,-)   Fl 110,- (US$ 63,-)  Fl 55,-(US$31) and Fl 100,-(US$57)

  • Waterskiing       Fl 65,- (US$ 37,-)   Fl 120,- (US$ 69)    Fl 60,- (US$34) and Fl 110,-(US$63,-)

  • Mono ski            Fl 70,- (US$ 40,-)   Fl 130,- (US$ 74)    

  • Tube Rides         Fl 70,- (US$ 40,-)   Fl 130,- (US$ 74)                 -

  • Via touroperators there is a 10% to 20% surcharge.

Please note: 

That if you go out wakeboarding, wateskiing or tubing for only 30 min. the price will be fl 130,- (US $ 74),- you can bring one extra person on the boat. Any extra non wakeboarder will have to pay fl 30,- or US$ 17,-, which is very little for the beautifull trip you will get in return.


What you get:

When going out on the water it is a 10 min. boatdrive to the wakeboarding spot and a 10 min boatdrive back. This boatdrive will not be charged. And it is worthwile.


If I do not succeed to teach you, you get fl 25,-(US$ 15) discount.



Private Snorkeling Tug Boat or spectacular reef in front of Barbara Beach(only weekdays) - 1 hour fl 60,- (US$34,-) pp, with minimum of fl 130,- (US$ 74,-) . 


Wakeboarding 30 min session pp + snorkeling Tug Boat 1 hour fl 155,- (US $89,-) pp minimum 2 persons.

Any watersports plus one hour Barbara beach fl 130,- (US $74,-) pp minimum 2 persons.



See all inclusive for pricing.

Pick-up service

Only if we have time on our hands we can Pick you up and bring you back to your accommodation.

Pick up and return from the east side to before the bridge is fl 50,- or us$ 29. After the bridge from Otrobanda pick up and return is fl 75,- (us$ 43,-)


Instructions can be given in English, Dutch,Papiamentu and also some Spanish.

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